my eyes are bleeding.

i just got THIS

minus ugly at&t symbol

and its kick ass. not that the chick holding the TWO phones cares at all about them..

but dudes it has TWO TWO!!! cameras. like oh. MA. GA!

but anyways. moving on to boring apartment stuff.
so the windows in our new apt that we are moving into on WEDNESDAY! that's like. in not even two days. the windows. they are mutherfrackin HUGE

as in 58 inches by 86! HUGE ! we could not find and blinds for them. so we have to go to this specific place to be able to cut our size. they are going to be bamboo slats. or something fake organic looking.

did i mention that i am listening to glorious music on this awesome two camera phone? well i am. it is awesome. violet by hole has never sounded so cliched.
AND!! ! when you turn the phone on camera or video mode. it rotates the picture. all cool and apple phone like. I'm not even gonna tell you how cheap the guy gave it to me for.

and the screen is a MIRROR. so like. HELLO FACE! :D

I'm also very tired. we are loading all our stuff from three different locations here Wednesday morning early then driving the four hours to Toronto then unloading it all. then we gotta get our other stuff from our previous place there.

i am already dead.
i also have really bad heartburn.

and its actually in the heart lower esophagus area too.

i really have to go to bed though dudes.

i hope you're all awesome :D
i cannot wait to take easy videos to show you all our new place.

there will definitly be a TOUR


chickbug said...

good luck! it will all be worth it in the end.

rudecactus said...

Two cameras? Awesome.