cry with meeeeee

can i just start by saying, i am a very sensitive person.
pain that i can not fix makes me very emotional and upset. whether it be my own, or someone else's.

our two kittens got fixed. you all know that, i mentioned it before.
i knew this was gonna suck, but man. does this SUCK.

phiren is pretty ok. he's just a little more careful and i gotta keep him from licking his area.
but clementine?
oh. my. lord. she's just so tiny. and doesn't understand why it HURTS.

and this? this is making me wanna cry. she just tried to go to the bathroom. and it was an unnatural sound of pain that i had never heard before. she was so freaked out from it and got poop on herself and fell in the litter box and then was trying to get out but she was in pain so she couldn't properly and, oh god this sucks.

so, i tried not to cry. cleaned her up with tay's help and snuggled her in her wool blanket.
i know its just a cat. but she's just so little. have i mentioned how bad i feel? GUILT

moving on to happier things. two old best friends of mine and new friends of taylor (!) are coming up to visit us for the WHOLE weekend!!! they'll get here friday and stay till sunday.

im really excited. i mean we live in TORONTO, where there are a million things to do. and now we'll have people to do it WITH! the A.G.O. is re-opening this weekend and it's FREEEEEEE to get in. which is awesome. cuz it's slightly pricey for us young, broke folk, so we don't go.

i shall take pictures and video documenting our weekend of adventures.
oh, i wanted to mention.

i take pictures. BUT. the pictures i take. aren't actually the type i'm interested in taking. hence. not much enthusiasm from me. i love PEOPLE. i want to take pictures of PEOPLE. but, people i know. don't want their picture taken. (poop)
it's seriously frustrating for me at times. so, im also excited about that this weekend. jordan and angelica are people who will let me take pictures of THEM!!! (spazz's out from the pending excitement)

i also take pictures of bands. which, i am farely o.k. at.
i grew up in a town and in a family and friends of musicians and artists. unfortanetly. when i got my camera. i was moving around. i wasn't with musicians anymore. i've only had the chance to photograph one band. and that was ages ago. i really miss that too.

speaking of bands. the duke spirit makes me swoon. they're british (bonus points!)
and the singer, the way she paces herself as she sings, reminds me a lot of morrisey from the smiths (also british, but you all totally know that. i mean, who doesn't know morrisey or the smiths? seriously. tell me who? i must give them some dafodils.they were definitly if not the creators of the whole 'emo' rock whatever. i would also just like to say. shut the fuck up 13 yr old angst emo kids. gawed.)

im also in the process of trying to 're' procur my old cello. but, i think i may have to buy it back. which, although sucks, i do get why i would. we're broke at the mo' though. so unless my folks take care of it.. which, my dad just wants to get me a new one. but im not too sure about that. cuz, new student cello's run at, at least 5k. which is kinda major. (kinda!!)
i really miss playing.

anyways, thats about it. now you all know whats been churning round' my mind.

OH, yesterday was 11 11 which was our 8 month mark of the whole 'married' life bit.
yanno whats weird? so many young people are getting married. i know of THREE other couple who just got married and they're all my age or only a year or two older. i think its kinda odd. i mean. the gen before us. the mid thirties group. all waited for forever to get married, if they have at all. and now all of a sudden a TON of people in their young 20s are getting hitched.

i've just been scratching my head at that for a bit.
cheers, folks.


marites1034 said...

poor Clementine. i hope she'd feel more better soonest.

cristymuranda said...

she is much, much better now thank you! back to her old self, running and getting into everything again ^.^