so, on my myspace (SHH i only keep it cuz it looks pretty)
anyways, moving on

on my myspace years ago i did this questionarre thing (meme?) and slightly modified it. i just re found it and thought it was funny. so, i share with you all.

random questions..of sunday night boredom
Current mood: bored

71 Questions I Guarantee You've Never Answered
**that i possibly switched to be more/less boring

1. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
well i dunno is Indie a 'person' per say (edit: indie was my dog at the time. i miss her :(

2. What song describes your relationship status?
You and Me by the Cranberries

3. How much does your dog weigh?
no clue

maybe you should ask how much does your FOOT weigh!
well, i dont know that either

5.Ever waxed your legs?
hurrah for the feeling of skin being ripped off the bone!

6. Earrings or necklaces?
necklaces i suppose. but earrings are fun sometimes too

7. Who have you talked to most today?
my dad

10. color of your shirt?

11. How many years have you taken a language?
this sentence is put together so poorly
how many years have u uh..taken..english??

12. Who's on speed dial 5?
lets see shall we?
*hangs up phone*
my old boss! *dies*

13. What color is your background on your computer?
its blue..its of a blue zen rock garden

14. Do you wish on 11:11?
A belief that some people have that there is a synchronicity between the time 11:11 (a.m. or p.m.) or the number 1,111 and the events in a person's life or events in the world in general
i bet u didn't know what that meant!
yay wikipedia
an noe i don't wish on it..i don't wish on anything cept tay-lors eyelashes cuz he thinks its retarded

15. Good advice if you ever go camping?
don't :D
cuz then...no advice is needed

16. Are you a bad influence?

17. What color are your eyes?
goldish brown colour i suppose

18. Would you rather have your name or your siblings name?
my name

19. Would you do anything for someone?
..tanks an post apocolyptic -ness included

20. Have you ever been called a whore?
not in so many words

21. favorite color(s)?
um RAINBOW n Black

22. Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?

23. What song is on?
Immigrant Song
..by led zepplin
pretty sure its their shortest song too

24. Are your grades good?
they were when i was in that sort of system

25. Do you have any friends with benefits?
umm none work full time i don't think

27. Does your best friend have a myspace?

28. Who's page did you last visit/SPAM WITH INSANE COMMENTNESS
that would be taylor's indirectly

29. Last time you went out to lunch?
on wednesday no wait it was Thursday

30. Do you watch the Gilmore Girls?

31. Have you ever enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson?
yeah i like Fortunate Fool by him

32. Have you ever seen or enjoyed watching the O.C.?
i've seen it but i don't enjoy it
it was CANCELED!
*i know! you are ALL gasping in HORROR*
33. Do you have one or more Britney Spears C.D.s?
lol..no, but i know this person..
..he has a back street boys cd.
you should ask him, he might :p

34. Which radio stations are your favorites?
89x is alright at times..and um oh! 95.1 the ROCK..lol

35. Are you a Lost fanatic?
not even. no. i cant be. cuz. i mean. im too..ya i'm not into that show much-ly

37. Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library?
yeah, War Pigs

38. Alanis Morrisette?

39. Do you watch Family Guy regularly?
tee hee

40. King of the Hill?
not in a bit but yeah..i lived in the South so i appreciate it

41. Do you read trashy romance novels often?
i'm more the type who reads b.s. intelligent/deep and meaningful books

42. Do you ever forget to give a Christmas/birthday present?
lol..taylor you come to mind at the moment..
no i dont forget birthdays and it's gotta be IMPOSSIBLE in this part of the universe to forget christmas stuff

43. Do you sing obnoxiously in the car?
i don't think i do anything obnoxiously..

44. Do you sing obnoxiously in the shower when no one's home?
no. i believe you are usuing the wrong word. perhaps unsavourly or..distastefully or..um..horridily?
i dunno.
maybe even bodaciously?

45. Have you ever watched a little kid's show when you were over 12?

[[The Necessary Love Questions That Aren't So Necessary]]
**i may have changed some of these to be less LAME**
46. Have you ever pretended your crush was..DARTH VADOR?

47. Did you draw pictures for your first crush'S back in elementary school?
allll the time man, i mean come on..my first crush's back was awe insipiring

48. Have you ever liked a girl/boy but didnt ask her/him out because you were REALLY A NINJA?

49. Have you ever written a poem or story about your life/ELBOW?
lol no. people have suggested i write a book though

50. Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about nothing but your crushED knee?
no..45 minutes tops!

51. Have you ever liked someone solely for their appearance on television?
not really no i mean..the tv makeup is potentially very decieving

[[The Questions You Love:Completely and Utterly Pointless Ones]]

52. Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis?
not every day.. especially not now. but when i have my stuff i do

53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization?
not a freak but if i don't know what to do with myself. maybe.

54.Have you ever been out of the country?
yes, i've lived out of the country a few times

55. Do you know how to knit?

56. Do you have a cell phone or iPod with a patterned cover?

57. Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them in your profile?
huh?? no..

58. Do you keep a diary or journal online?
not online. well i have a livejournal but i don't use it for actual things of importance

59.When you open your closet, what is the dominant color?
black. but the small amount of rainbow does jump out as well

[[Truly Unusual This or That Questions]]

60.Baskin Robbins or Coldstone?
Baskin Robbins or who? an baskin robbins doesn't make daqueri ice sherbert anymore so..i dont go

61.Physics or chemistry?
um..there's a difference?

62.Earphones or headphones?
i want studio headphones SO bad but they are expensive..

63.pink or teal?
teal..but i mean..pink is a good non choice as well

64.Earrings or a ring?
Earrings. rings don't look right on my fingers cuz they're weird/odd/stupid. but um nimble!

65.Commitment or casual dating?
i tend to prefer sund dried dates imported from off the coast of maldives. due to the direct yet indirect sunlight they dry at a pretty even keel.

66.Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

67.Fly or road trip?
road trip..:D i've flown too much its boring whereas road trip is all about the trip
i really wanna take a train cross canada. i think that'd be alot of fun
68.Starbucks or Caribou?
Caribou is a good band :D an starbucks has good chai tea :) so yay

69.What is your favorite Disney movie?
none. i didnt, i wasn't..i havent seen too many

70.How much jewelry do you own?
no idea

71.Have you ever bought clothing at A NUDEST CAMP?