Today is Delurking day.

delurk if'n ya want

blah blah blah. not in a posting mood.



Anonymous said...

Lurker, lurker!

cristymuranda said...


yay. how are you doing btw? i read you all the time. but haven't been commenting much.

rubbah duck said...


rudecactus said...

Happy DL Day (yeah, I'm late)!

cardiogirl said...

Hi there, my name is Cardiogirl. I like chocolate and exercising and I despise long walks in the rain.

I like to relax with a good book and a Hershey bar. And I'm not a huge fan of memes. I can't even pronounce the word.

But I do enjoy a bag of M&M every so often.

cristymuranda said...

well hello there rubbah duck!

chris- you're hardly a lurker anyways.

and hey CardioGirl. it's been a while eh?

i believe we share all the same likes and dislikes there.