I miss being able to hang out with my dad.

For all the irritating and ridiculous things he says, for all his Archie Bunker one liners.
I miss waking up on Saturday mornings because I can hear him drumming through my ear plugs, or watching drum teaching video's and Rush concert dvds. I miss going downtown to buy records and have coffee. Making fun of his crazy pants that he wears around the house that he's had since I was little.

If you are a father and have a daughter.
She will remember.
She'll remember the adventure walks from when she was 6. She'll remember how you reacted to the cup she made for you in kindergarten, or the midnight snack when she was 4. She'll remember that you actually liked her, as a person. Not just because she was your daughter and you had too.

And she will love you forever because of it..


Matt. said...

My daughter lives a couple of states away and we do not get the chance to see much of each other. When we do it's like yesterday, all the time in between just moves out of the way. I raised her as a single parent since she was 4yrs. old; and loved her sinse long befor she was born. You are right she does remember... and I'm glad.

Stay Blessed,