So, today I've actually done stuff.
Tofu Smoothie:
Almond silken tofu
Vanilla silken soy milk
Raw cacao powder

Vegetable Soup
Toasted Whole Grain English Muffin (for Taylor, I didn't have one)

Taylor has been sick all day, he has bile again.

my poor sad boy

It's where the bile that is supposed to stay in one place leaks back into somewhere else.
I guess like leaky gut syndrome. He seems to share some of the symptoms of GERD.
So, because of that. I had to get the groceries today all by myself. ALL BY MYSELF. Which, I know. No big deal. It's about a 5-7 minute walk dragging our stupid grocery cart. Which then pushing our stupid and now ridiculously heavy grocery cart back home. Then. THEN lugging it up the stairs to get in the building, THEN lugging it up the stairs in the lobby to get to the freaking elevator. I was a moron for wearing my Dr. Martens which have to be defective because, whenever I wear them they rip blisters into the backs of my heals. And I wasn't wearing them for very long before they did that. So that made the walk home even more torturous.
I did have fun though, it was nice to get some air.

But groceries. I got so much fruit. I usually am not a big fan of fruit but lately I've been mega into the Pineapple and Apples. Royal Gala apples to be specific. So I got that and some really cool looking plums. OH! And grapefruit!


Grocery List 31/03/09
2 grapefruit
6 apples
3 plums
cored pineapple
sliced mushrooms tray
2 broccoli heads
spanish onion
stir fry sauce
whole grain english muffins
2 cups of spicy noodles (on sale! 69 cents!)
Tub of peach yogurt (from a local dairy)
3 almond silken tofu packs
rubicon juice (on sale 99 cents. way too sweet though)
chapmans frozen yogurt. madagascar vanilla bean.
2 cans of sweet peas (weird peas craving today)
2 cans of habitat vegetable soup
oatmeal chocolate chunk mix

total : 43 dollars
I'm putting the list here mainly to keep track of how much we spend on food this month.


rudecactus said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!

cristymuranda said...

yep!! taylor was better that evening and my blisters are fine now too. all good here :)