done and nearly done

it went OK. he had me lay down on an exam table while he did it, which kept me from passing out. he had to take five full vials. so 8 total. holy cow.
anyways, i was feeling OK until i got home and then started to pass out sitting on the couch. so i have my ice pack on my neck and am now lying down, which helps. i'm feeling alright now, if not a bit squiffy. standing and moving around isn't so awesome, especially since today is so bloody hot and humid. i don't mind heat, but humidity is an effing bitch. i've only experienced worse in georgia/florida. it's even humid in the WINTER there (georgia)
i only have one test left, and i do that from home.
its a hormone saliva test, so i have to fast for 12 hours and fill up this spit tube first thing when i get up (does not seem an easy task), but not for a few days, it has to be day 19/one week before my next period.
then it gets sent off to a lab in Alberta and i find out those results three weeks from when i send it in. the blood test results in two weeks.
i'm just glad the painful stuff is over.
we're thinking i may be anemic, because of how poorly i handled the blood tests, and also apparently RLS can be a symptom of anemia. so HMMMMM.

to people who have to get poked and prodded really often, i bow down to you.
seriously. because it really sucks.