two hours till we (mum, dad, myself) leave to go to the chiropractor. then this afternoon is my doctor appointment with a new female doctor. i'll be having blood work, full physical etc. hopefully she sends me to an OT or PT for my hands. hopefully also a prescription for sleeping pills. dear god, i pray this woman actually listens to me, and gives me some damn sleeping pills. i have had sleep issues my whole life. but it got bad (i.e. insomnia) when i was probably 12/13 and ever since then, i think i've been exhausted. how insane is that. nearly ten years. i have tried everything else. nothing works, or if it does help a little (melatonin) i can't take it constantly. and it doesn't work good enough anyways. the worst sleep, is when i am tired enough to sleep and go to sleep but my brain is just whirring away the entire time. that is terrible.
so yes, i have not slept. (i am not even going to touch on all the chronic pain junk) and i have a whole day ahead of me. (also i can't eat! because? blood tests!)
first, when we got here in windsor it was insomnia, because i wasn't getting enough rest and then would have to do things during the day. then i wouldn't be able to sleep. so when i finally was able to sleep, i just slept till i woke up. which today, three p.m. hence, still awake. i'm pretty tired, but there's no point really now, i still have to have a shower. maybe, i'll be able to have a nap somtime after chiro's and before lady doc.

how are you all?


Veronica said...

What did the doctors end up saying?

cristymuranda said...

she is going to try to find me a sleep specialist, and we're going to talk to my chiro about the hypermobility issues. i didn't even get half of my blood work that i needed today, because before he even got a full vial i started to pass out and was so bad he couldnt even get three (i need like 8 or something) so the lab guy and the nurse we're icing me down and stuff, it was insane. i felt really bad, cuz i had warned him that for some reason that happens and he didn't really believe me, because its rare that happens with such a little amount of blood.
so i have to go back this week, and also i have to do a hormone saliva test. which is hella expensive. but with all my stuff, its definitely a hormone problem. so yeah. i don't know much yet. just that my boobs have no lumps. i had a pap smear too, but that will probably be normal. she doesn't want to give me sleeping pills, till she checks everything out, and till i see a specialist for the sleep stuff. which is reasonable. so just a whole lot of wait and see.

so basically, i won't know anything for at least a week or so. and the hormone test takes a few weeks, because it has to be sent to a lab in alberta.