leaving for windsor tomorrow morning for a couple weeks. in that time i'll be getting my new photo I.D. health card, lots of chiropractic adjustments and seeing a new dr. for a battery of tests to see whats going on. it could be eds (but i'm not sure, since no one in my family has any sort of symptoms, other than myself) or possibly fybromialga, since there has been known to be hypermobility and sleep disorders associated with it. which hello! that is what i have on top of everything else. so i'll hopefully be finding out what is up with what. i'll also hopefully be taking tons of pictures.

anyways, that is that. i'll update once we're settled in windsor.

peace and pop rocks


Veronica said...

Sometimes EDS just does appear. Or it could be HMS, which has a lot of the same symptoms. I really hope they can work it out. A name helps lots.

rudecactus said...

Fingers crossed.

cristymuranda said...

yes, dear god i hope they can work it out too.

yes indeed sir cactus. fingers crossed. all of them, at once. ha.