Today has been hard.
Today is the two year anniversary of when my Grandfather died. I woke up knowing and feeling that, but trying not to dwell. Out of weird coincidence my sister and I ended up having lunch at The Backroad Cafe. I hadn't been there since I used to go with my Grandpa.

Grief is surprising.
I can only acquaint it with Water. How it moves, it can be gentle, or powerful.
It can destroy and cause ruin like no other force.

I'm not going to do a Proust question today.
Today I'm just going to sit and be still.


Anonymous said...


Hope you feel better. Life is fleeting.

cristymuranda said...

Thanks :)

Sarcastica said...

That is a very beautiful way of describing grief - and so true. Feel better!

cristymuranda said...

I'm feeling a lot better. I still miss him though ^.^