The cold is here. Its blustery and gray and found a home in my bones. Hopefully not to stay since it's making things slightly miserable. Gray weather makes me sleepy and crave warm things. Possibly to make up for the fact that my bones feel like brittle icicles.

But enough of the cold! On with Proust and todays edition of the questionnaire.

Lets talk about deplorable things
(does someone remember those books?)

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
My inability (but I am working hard on this) to just live in the moment. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. "If things are good now, they won't be for long" kind of terrible mentality.

I just want to be happy and living in the moment dammit! >.< What is the trait you most deplore in others?
I can forgive a lot. Especially if people acknowledge bad habits and work on them. But I think we're talking most about pet peeve things right? Because we all don't like the usual stuff. i.e. murderers/evil doers. You know, I think this is a stupid question. I don't like the usual deplorable things. Also, Proust? You are on notice, so far this questions are kinda sucking ballz. Also, this posting everyday is harrrrrd. Boo.

I just had won ton soup, that must of had tons of salt/msg.
I feel like I may die.

** p.p.s. (three hours later)
so yeah, I almost did die, I had to drink baking soda and water (ghetto saline solution) to re alkaline (or something like that) my blood. Thank God my father in law is House and I didn't have to go to the hospital. Because I probably would have gotten H1N1 and died from that instead. (a joke. hahahaha)
Turns out when you're hypoglycemic, AND have high blood pressure, and have only had really salty Won Ton Soup. It's not such a good combo.

this is my excuse for a half ass post. I nearly died whilst typing it up.


Sarcastica said...

Don't eat won ton soup any more you knob! lol.
And, um, I hate my inability to control my emotions. Anger, hurt, etc all burst out of me like lava.

I hate judgment in other people.

cristymuranda said...

I'm like that too. Lavaaaaaaa *girgle*

Also, yeah. No won ton soup for me. Everrrrrrrr. lol