hello hello

so, not really anything going on. hence no real posting for the past few days. my left hip and knee have been really painful the last couple days so that's really put a kink in the fun plans for the weekend.

therefore, instead of cool fun adventures, its a video game marathon weekend. i've finished all my knitting projects. refreshed myself with all things crochet, but, since i've no yarn to actually start anything im just stuck here. and yes, i do have those new three books i bought. for some reason though, i just really don't want to start any of them yet.


so yep nothing cool goin on here. except the mr. ordered chinese for dinner :D

i hope you all have a much more adventurous go at life this weekend than me


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apricot. said...

my weekend has been uneventful, as well. All except for my mother coming to visit this afternoon, but other than that it's been redundant & mediocre. & you've just reminded me that we need to set up our old school nintendo so we can have video game marathons, too. :] cheers.

ps; do you have your nose pierced? or is that just glitter? <3

cristymuranda said...

ooh fun! mummy visits. lol. and yes its a nose ring. or hoop, rather. its sterling silver with a little ball on it.