oohh mother nature, how you mock me..*bitch*

yaaaaa so yesterday i was all like. wow its so gorgeous out, its like SPRING

"hah! HAH!" said the sky.
and then it spit in my face.

we had to go out today, "get our banking stuff taken care of" taylor says.

"fine, i say. "but it doesn't look too nice out."

"i checked the weather network. it'll be fine" says taylor.


you know in cartoons there'll be the guy with the rain cloud over his head. well that was us but BIG FREAKING SNOW FLAKES! 2 to 6 INCHES they are now saying. oh thank you. now that im BACK INSIDE we are warned.

and what did i, the brilliant cristy wear in this wonderful weather? my rainbow poncho. ya. im goin places people.

AND omg i have pictures that i took on my bloody phone. and of course they keep "failing to send" to stupid Rogers MyPix online album ! GRRRRR

but and a wonderful surprise of glee and giggling

my awesome sister signed me up for The Plucky Knitters Plucky Classic Knitalong sock club. AND GUESS WHAT THE THEME IS?! JANE AUSTEN!


WOOOO. my face is gonna 'splode

that is all friends,
that. is. all.

*before something crappy happens again.

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Nat said...

It is time for this winter to be over. I wonder if I sit around and chant... "it's not snow, it's not snow..." if it will get better.

Not likely.

cristymuranda said...

yaaaaa maybe if we chant together..or something.

Kiera said...

I have never know what is it like to experience a winter-ish spring. I stay in Florida, it's an average of 70-ish right now.

cristymuranda said...

oooooh rub it in why dontcha!!!!!

oh and later that night. i get a phone call. i dropped my wallet at the book store and whoever from there found it and took it to the bank down the street. THE WALLET WITH ALL OUR WEDDING MONEY IN IT! man, im dumb.