Three things

First. just caught a glimpse of myself, and..im either channeling some crazy olsen twin death look or .. i really am just dead.


Second. the sock? doing better. sloooooow going though. but yes. its all a.o.k. for now.

and Third. this bug bite i have on my inner thigh? sooo painful. even worse today than yesterday. it literally feels like someone jabbed a pointy something and mashed it all around inside the tissue. its KILLING ME. but odly enough. the bite itself looks fine.

my life. is rediculous.

the end.

oh and to anyone's blog i read and commented today. your things were so much more meaningful and awesome then i could properly convey. im really sorry about how awful i am at writing comments. like really. i suck.

k, the end for reals now.

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apricot. said...

you're so funny; your blog is very interesting because it's unique, silly. :] & thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm glad I found another fellow "grandma" that I can relate with.<3

cristymuranda said...

ya no kidding. when i find out some person i thought of as a kid is only a year or two younger than me, im dumbfounded.