walmart. my friend. just got some GORGEOUS bathroom stuff. as in all the stuff for our new bathroom minus a shower organizer for all the shampoo an crap. cuz i forgot.

and i was wondering

1. why do guys get the best eyelashes?

2. why does vodka make my stomach burn?! it hurts!

oh and my hair is awesome today

AND i got a pair of jeans that make my ass look great.

and !! and!!!
the pms has not gone out of control this month!

thats a big phew.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, guys always do get the best eyelashes. No fair. I hate mine.

cristymuranda said...

i wish they were thicker. and that my bottom lashes weren't blonde. its retarded. i look like i dont have any on the bottom.

chickbug said...

good hair. good jeans. fun stuff from walmart...what is better!?

apricot. said...

Yes, why IS it that guys always get the more stellar eyelashes? My husband's are breathtakingly long. So long that they make me green with envy. Oh, what I could do with those lashes! I tell him all the time that women would kill for lashes like that but he sees it as a curse. He says he's tired of people commenting on him. I'd trade him any day!

cristymuranda said...

*apricot* thats because boys are smelly and stupid. and dont appreciate things like they're great thighs and eyelashes.

*chickbug* nothing. nothing is better. except maybe haagen dasz icecream.*