two things

ok two things, as i just stated so whatever

1. so, ok. im really lame FINE but i've been watching grey's anatomy and its like therapy or something for me. i cant not bawl my eyes out while watching an episode. (see! i do have the crazy!!)

2. WHAT PERSON TELLS YOU ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION! ALL THE REASONS YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE KIDS!? and now this 'person' (ya its in quotes cuz im not sure this 'person' is one) finds out about my spine and neck and shoulder troubles and they're all like ' SEE you really shoulndt ever have kids. it'd kill you'

WHAT THE EFF?! what normal person says these things to someone?!

oh, and we're still looking for our own place. we had a set back last night. we had an appointment to see one and stood around outside of the building for an hour until a tenant came out and called the landlady for us and the person who scheduled the appointment didnt actually tell the landlady. motherfucker. we had a lot of stuff to do that got screwed up by that.

toronto sucks. i want to live in nova scotia by the sea.