not like, the broadway show dudes.

as in, MY i mean, OUR cats.

see, i wanted a girl cat cuz well, i'd had a boy cat. and he became the one we do not speak of. except the one incident where he threw a dead cat at my mothers head. which was more than a little hilarious. i was very sad how evil he became.

but taylor was all. why you gotta be sexist woman?! so i was like FINE WHATEVER.
therefore, we compromised and got one of each.

You have all seen a quick vid of Clementine. and now, some proper picks of Clementine with her Brother Phiren. *which is Khmer for Rain, he is such a little buddha*

she was all, 'i asleep hooman. i asleep.'
i think its really funny how female animals sit like girls.
ok, phiren? he does not like my camera clicking at him.
you cant see, but there's an obnoxiously loud icecream truck driving by. what is it with icecream trucks being so loud? children arent hard of hearing yet.
he finally let me take a picture. from far, far away.

phiren is an awesome cat. he is so relaxed for a kitten. i mean, he'll chase and play and stuff. but, if you pick him up he'll just sit there for forever lookin at ya. and his eyes are very different than most cat eyes.

anyways. enough of me all gushing and stuff.
im off to stuff my face with banana bread.