Run! Lola! Run!

have you seen that? its by Tyson Tykwer who made the awesome film Der Krieger und die Kaiserin which is The Princess and The Warrior. it's the mr's. ultimate film.

anyways. back to run lola run..

that is my new hair colour. it was supposed to be turquoise but when i bleached my hair because of all the different reds i've had in it, except for the roots being white blonde, it was all orange. which, im totally kicking my ass for not keeping it just like that for a few days since it looked so wicked. or at least taken a picture of it. i am so dumb

p.s. they're shitty pictures sorry :(


chickbug said...

sooo fun! love it.

cristymuranda said...

thanks! i had a picture of the movie but its been replaced by that pic. i'll have to re post it.