This is the trailer of a very amazing documentary I just watched about circumcision, and how it intertwines with religion/the history behind it, and the truth about it.
Which is that it is an unnecessary, and extremely painful medical surgery, that carries risks ( baby boys die of this every year in North America ) and in my opinion is a violation of human rights. I am not extraordinarily passionate about many things. A woman's right to choose about all things reproductive, including where and how they give birth. Is my primary passion. Right up there with that though is to stop the cutting/mutilation of baby boys. I encourage you guys to watch this, and you can also watch an abridged version of the documentary online, on you tube and on their site.
The director does a very good job of being respectful to all sides and talking about the TRUTH of it. There is no benefits to being circumcised.
If your religion dictates it, then by all means, that is your freedom.
But, I respectfully disagree with you completely on this.

It became popular in the 1900's in America because doctors said that it would help prevent masturbation.


Veronica said...

I think circumcision is something that will divide a room in seconds. Hehe.

It is true that uncicumcised men are at a *slightly* higher risk of STDs and infections than circumcised men, but with good personal hygiene, it doesn't really make any difference. I didn't even contemplate the thought of getting Isaac circumcised, it just wasn't going to happen. If, for some reason it needs to be done later on (which does happen) I am more than happy for it to go ahead, but with a General Anaesthetic, not a local and certainly not nothing!

cristymuranda said...

I know! It really does cause a lot of tension. Mostly, I think because people don't want to be judged or deemed unfit parents because of their choices. I just want people to make decisions based on fact and with real knowledge, and not just because they thought that that was what they are supposed to do. Here in Canada hospitals don't do circumcision anymore, and OHIP doesn't cover it either.

p.s. your babe is gorgeous and I really hope he starts to nap for you soon!

Avitable said...

There was a new study that came out this month that said that uncircumcised men have a higher risk of STDs than previously thought. (http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-03-25-voa75.cfm)

Back in October, we had circumcision as a topic on our radio show: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/22186.

cristymuranda said...

It has been years but I am finally remembering that you commented. Honest, I am not a douche.
I read that study, which while it 'may' and I put that in quotes because I am not particularly convinced being circumcised does lower the chance of STDs, (because that is what they're saying, circumcise your child to prevent him from possibly one day being more likely of possibly getting the clap) there are so many other things that do a much better and non invasive job of preventing it. i.e. hygiene! don't have sex with skanks. wear a condom. become a priest..

Before this study, there was another study that said it lowers the risk of testicular cancer, (which was debunked) and before that was penile cancer (also debunked) and of course before that, prevents masturbation. and now, the pope is getting on the bandwagon because he still thinks condoms = evil. so is pushing circumcision in places like Africa to help prevent AIDS. Which is so insanely moronic, my head may actually explode. Not to mention that babies who are circumcised are much more prone to infection of the area. Possible death due to doctors not knowing if the child has a blood clotting disorder etc..
I just wish people would do a little more thinking on the subject before making the decision.
But I am also in no way all about bashing people over the head for disagreeing with me.